#Support Your Local

Bluespoon Bar might be closed, but together with Assistant Bar Manager Nontas, we wanted to use this time to share the love for the local industry and profile some of our favourite local brands as part of our #SUPPORTYOURLOCAL series!

First up, Amsterdam-based Spirited Union Distillery!

The Spirited Union is a botanical rum distillery, based in Amsterdam, on a mission to introduce a new approach to rum, one away from artificial aromas and sickly-sweet spirits.

Nontas – “I really love Spirited Union botanical rum which is why I chose to profile it first. Freshness & delicacy – due to the use of natural botanicals – is what comes first to my mind, when talking about this brilliant rum range… I often enjoy it neat or mixed into a cocktail.

Have you ever tried a rum Old Fashioned with Spirited Union’s Spice & Sea Salt rum? Or a Lemon & Leaf rum & tonic”

What’s most interesting about Spirited Union’s approach to flavour is that they work with nothing but the finest natural botanicals to create vibrant and exciting new tastes. You won’t find anything artificial. This both local and natural approach is also at the very heart of the Bluespoon Bar ethos. That is why this relationship is destined from the beginning!

We can’t wait to re-open, so we can enjoy a picture-perfect cocktail (or two) with you all again soon!

Much love,

The Bluespoon Team x