# Support Your Local V: Kever Genever

Founding Story

The story started when university friends from Amsterdam once clutched a bottle of Genever, in a cold student flat in Sweden. From then on they started dreaming of reinventing the Genever industry as craft brewers did with the beer category and bring the spirit from Amsterdam to the world!

Brand Mission

Kever Genever is launched to challenge the Genever Industry. By founder’s own words: “This means we are not aiming to reinvent Genever, we aim to make it even better. We are on a mission to show our generation how tasteful Genever can be, so they will fall in love with this true piece of Dutch Heritage.”

“Kever is made for those
who are driven by flavor
curiosity and design.”

How to enjoy it

Enjoy Kever neat, into a cocktail, into a refreshing highball with soda or tonic, or Kopstootjes (Genever & beer)

The Range

Sustainable packaging

Why is Kever poured from a can? It’s not only preserving the liquid from light-struck, and standing out at the shelve, most of all: it has a low carbon footprint:

  • Tin is 90% recyclable, glass in comparison only 30%
  • 80% lighter than glass. Kever travels light
  • One pallet will fit almost 1.500 cans

“Core Kever values
are wayward and down-to-earth.”


How Kever is made

Amsterdam Cocktail Week

Kever is our non-alcoholic partner for Amsterdam Cocktail Week 2020, with The Brave Sober, a citrusy & herbal refreshing 0% alcohol highball, made by Kever 0%, a blend of dune water, natural distillates of juniper, lemongrass, cardamom and red pepper. Inspired by the Indonesian kitchen with a Kever twist.

We already fall in love with Kever. What about you?