Support Your Local IV: Bakers Best

Let us introduce the uniquely handcrafted eco-Genever. Bold, as a Genever should be, yet sophisticatedly smooth, just how we like it. A tad unusual, in the way it’s distilled, as well as its components. But, isn’t seeking new ways to love the old again exactly what the world needs today?

A note on sustainability


In a time where sustainability is of key importance, Bakers Best has a genever developed as an eco-friendly alternative to the average genever. From the brewing process which utilizes unsold bread, to the bottles which are made from recycled glass. We believe that waste isn’t an end product, but is a possibility to be the start of a new product, this philosophy is what defines the ‘Bakers Best’ genever.


A Genever from bread. Why not?

Yearly, the Netherlands wastes 120,000 tonnes of bread, which equals to approximately 70 million euros. A waste of money, but foremost a waste of excellent raw materials. ‘Bakers Best’ genever gives the unwanted bread a second chance in life – one bottle of ‘Bakers Best’ genever equals the rescue of nine slices of bread! Note that depending on the bread saved, every small batch has a truly unique taste.

Best served straight, on the rocks, or paired with your favourite classic. Just be sure not to waste it!