Root to Leaf – Green Bartending

Together with head-bartender Martin Eisma, Bar Manager Agnieszka Rozenska introduces the renewed Bluespoon cocktail menu which features explosive cocktails that use every ingredient to its maximum potential.

“Nose-to-tail cooking is an ongoing trend, so why not do the same with cocktails?”

We use overripe fruits, their stalks, peels, leaves and herbs that would otherwise find their way to the bin and transform them into bursts of flavour for our cocktails. As a finishing touch, we’ve completely eliminated the use of straws, after all, the first sip of a cocktail is most enjoyed when closer to the glass as the smell of the garnish enhances the experience.

Each Bluespoon cocktail is a conscious creation with its own story. This is where the no-waste journey begins. Join us for this movement of sustainability in our bar that doesn’t compromise flavor, but rather elevates it.