Bluespoon’s DNA

Modern Dutch cuisine with a playful edge


Led by Executive Chef Sander Bierenbroodspot, the Bluespoon team, a team from around the world but firmly rooted in Dutch soil, hope to delight, be it with an interesting story, a forgotten classic, a unique cocktail pairing, or an ingredient you might never have tried.

Mr Lover Lover

The Flashy F*cker

The Latino

Little Miss Wine

The French Fromagier

The Italian Shaker

The Humble Dutchman


Our People

Crazy cocktails and beautiful dishes require the best craftsman. From flashy f*ckers to Mr. Lover Lovers, Argentinian Casanovas and the humble Dutchmen, the team all bring their own stories and flavours playfully to the plate.

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“We eat with our eyes, not only our mouths”