No Fish Friday

Bluespoon introduces you to No Fish Fridays!

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Did you hear No Fish, on a Friday? Correct! Do you remember what chicken and meat really tastes like…? We do!

Bluespoon Restaurant is excited to work with Herman Kemper, poultry connoisseur from a little village in the Achterhoek & Gerard de Koning, who develops healthy and flavorsome beef in a tiny village in Berkel en Rodenrijs, right in the middle of the nature reserve Groenzoom. Enjoy 3 courses from our No Fish Friday menu, including half a bottle of carefully selected wine for 50 euros every Friday for dinner!


KFC – Herman Kemper Free-range Chicken  

Bluespoon Restaurant is excited that we have the chance to work with Herman Kemper, poultry connoisseur from IJzevoorde. A tiny little village in the Achterhoek, the eastern part of Overijssel, characterized by its natural landscape sculpted by the Ijssel and Rhine river.

Herman is providing us with chicken that has been able to follow the natural rhythm and grow up at a natural pace, as if they would in your backyard. Real free-range and corn-fed; these chickens can decide themselves whether they want to stay in the coop, or to go outside into their natural environment; scharreling  in the adjacent fields and under trees. Cereals and corn is what these feathered rascals are being fed; antibiotics and growth hormones are out of question…


Mad about Cows – Gerard de Koning

Nestled in the typically Hollands polderlandscape, we find the farmsted of Gerard de Koning in the tiny village of Berkel en Rodenrijs. His herd of the Meuse-Rhine-Issel cattle is responsible for the Maintaining by Grazing  of this landscape. Ecologically raised, the cows are treated with respect and are doing what cows should be doing….grazing and munching on juicy grass, developing healthy and flavorsome beef

We are proud to serve you good old’ fashioned chicken and juicy beef from ecologically raised cows, on every Friday of the Week!


To make a reservation email or give us a call on +31 (0)20 523 1250.