New Menu, New Content

Modern Dutch cuisine with a playful edge. This is what the kitchen team at Bluespoon breathes and lives. We have updated and upgraded our dishes and they’re nothing short of a sight for sore eyes! We do, after all, eat with our eyes as much as we do with our mouths. This being said, we realized we needed some new content to show off what our team is up to!

Bluespoon is all about fresh, local ingredients, beautiful craft cocktails, its international team firmly rooted in Dutch soil and of course its artsy setting. These days, we’re all after a story that makes our dining experiences that much more special. Our team has countless stories about the use of ingredients, their origin, the dishes themselves and our craft cocktails to match. In Sander’s words, “Why the hell would you get it from Alaska if it’s just swimming in the North Sea?” Living in Egmond aan Zee, Sander’s local beach is no stranger to a Dutch North Sea crab or two and back in Bluespoon they can be found in his fresh, zesty crab starter. This is just one of many stories giving the restaurant that personal touch.

Small but relevant details such as this are why the team is so focused on ensuring we get the most out of Dutch produce. So, if we take ingredients so seriously, why not relay a little more focus on this? Being mindful and conscious of what we consume is part of taking care of our environment. The beauty lies in the purity of the ingredients and our creative team bring this to life through the art of plating. Check out our Instagram account for some true food art.

Bringing together the craft and skill of the bar and restaurant is part of what makes Bluespoon special. Four of Chef Sander’s signature dishes will now be available for you to enjoy with a cocktail at Bluespoon Bar, for a taste of what the restaurant has to offer! From North Sea mussels with avocado and buttermilk, to gnocchi with Boeren Oplegkaas and truffle, a taste bud explosion awaits.


“Adding a playful splash of colour to the traditional fine dining experience.”

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