Multisensory Dining Experience | Hotelnacht 2019

Creating an unforgettable experience in today’s culinary industry means pulling out all the stops and igniting all the senses, ensuring you’ll leave wanting more. Telling stories and taking you on a journey makes you feel as though you’re here for more than just a meal. During Hotelnacht in January 2019, Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar will be doing just that! There is a reason our interior is inspired by a Alice in Wonderland, a fairy tale. This story is brought to life in all its textures, smells, sights and sounds. For one night only, experience Bluespoon in a way that you won’t forget in a hurry.

“Ignite all your senses with a multisensory dining experience”

Fall down the rabbit hole into a night like no other at Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar, as resident Mad Hatters Executive Chef Sander Bierenbroodspot & Bar Manager Martin Eisma, turn the traditional dining experience on its head, to ignite all the senses on-and-off-the-plate, with every sip, spoon and bite. A multisensory dining experience playing on the fact that taste is a construction of the mind, not only the mouth. Inspired by Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht’s artistic interior design by world-renowned designer Marcel Wanders, Bluespoon’s art of plating already ensures every plate is a picture-perfect sight and now, with the help of sight, sound, smell & touch, its signature tastes will be brought to life for a true appreciation of every last flavour. See it (or not), hear it, touch it, lick it…you might have to.

“See it, hear it, touch it, lick it”

Sander and Martin continue to dance in perfect harmony as they put together an evening that will have you tumble down to your hotel room feeling whimsical, or to the bar for a nightcap. Who knows, maybe Alice will be savouring a signature sip there with you.

Ticket price: €100 for 5 courses paired with carefully chosen wines or award-winning cocktails by Bluespoon Bar. Water, coffee & tea also included. Reserve your ticket for a night to remember in every sense: Multisensory Dining Experience.