King’s Day at Bluespoon

With the King’s birthday coming up soon, there are so many reasons to celebrate. And for us, that starts with food and drink.
On King’s Night (26.04), we will be hosting an event in Bluespoon Bar in collaboration with Willem’s Wermoed to bring you a Royal Vermouth Cocktail menu as well a Craft Kopstoot Menu. What is a kopstoot you ask? Kopstoot literally translates to “head butt”, which is what you might feel after having enjoyed one of these Dutch beauties. Traditionally, a tulip shaped glass filled to the brim with genever is served alongside a draught beer. You start by taking a sip of the genever, then a sip of beer, and repeat. A head butt indeed! In Bluespoon style, we will be serving the best genevers alongside some of our favourite craft beers, heightening and perhaps intensifying the head butt effect.

“A King’s Breakfast at Bluespoon”

We have completely prepared for how you’ll feel after King’s Night, as breakfast at Bluespoon will be extended into brunch from 11:00-14:00 upon reservation only. Enjoy your favourite hangover dishes before losing yourself in the Amsterdam madness that awaits on our doorstep during King’s Day. Choose from our Bluespoon Breakfast a la carte menu including quinoa & coconut pancakes, avo & eggs on sourdough, our Dutchie toasted bagel with Gouda, egg and farmer’s ham and of course eggs benedict.

“Wel even een goede bodem leggen, he!”

Our buffet will be extended and available for €22 including hot and cold beverages on top of any a la carte dishes you choose to enjoy. Turn it into a royal feast with a glass of cava or champagne and get ready for one of the brightest celebrations of the year. With a live DJ set in the hotel, the party continues in the bar with views of the Prinsengracht canal, should you decide to escape the madness!
Our King’s Breakfast is only bookable upon reservation. To reserve, email or call +31 (0)20 523 1250.