King’s Night at Bluespoon

Jij wilt ‘m? Ik wil ‘m. Wij willen ‘m allemaal! Time to see who wins. is it Prins Pils, or King Willem? Pick who you want to be for the night, and choose wisely! Will you be Prins Pils and choose from our craft kopstoot menu or act like the Kings & Queens you are and sip on Willem’s Wermoed cocktails? Of course there’s always time to do both! All drinks go for €12 and a whole lot of seeing double.

“King Willem vs. Prins Pils”

King Wil(le)m Alexander’s birthday is coming up shortly, and this year we’ll be celebrating King’s Night in style. In honour of the King’s name, and one of the biggest celebrations of the year, we’re throwing a classic Bluespoon bash in the bar in collaboration with Willem’s Wermoed. No, this is not the King’s own vermouth, but a beautifully smooth and bittersweet local vermouth, perfect for a royal cocktail. Not in the mood for cocktails? Fine by us, choose to be Prins Pils and drink beer to your heart’s and liver’s desire.

“Beer vs. Cocktails, take your pick!”

Inspired by the world’s oldest medicinal garden in the world, the Hortus Botanicus, Willem’s Wermoed began its quest for the perfect botanical vermouth by getting lost among the garden. The great explorers who shaped the 17th century into the Dutch Golden Age inspired the name Willem. Dutch Golden Age, haven’t we heard that somewhere? Yes, we have. It happens to be designer Marcel Wander’s inspiration for our historical, yet modern space.

Basically, expect one big historical, royal and local experience as we bring together everything that is truly Dutch in celebration of the King’s birthday.
Get your wristbands at the bar on the night, and let the orange madness begin! Check out the Facebook event to stay up to date.

Already craving a hangover breakfast? We’ve got you covered with our King’s Breakfast!