Drink me…down the Rabbit Hole

We love a good story at Bluespoon. With a brand new cocktail menu, you delve deeper into Wonderland. As we bring together the story of Marcel Wanders’ inspiration for the bar and restaurant, there is only one obvious, yet absolutely mysterious solution. Let our mad hatters at the bar tumble down the rabbit hole and create their own crazy concoctions. The result? A beautiful Alice in Wonderland inspired menu; one of our best ones yet.

Let us take you through the motions of the minds of our very own mad hatters. The menu consists of chapters, just like any story book. Begin the journey tumbling down the Rabbit Hole with a selection of quick, refreshing and simple cocktails to ease you into the story line. After all, there’s no time to waste and as the White Rabbit says, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date”.

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.”

On we move to the Queen’s Courtyard where The Queen of Hearts is tough to please. This chapter is all about sweetening her up with fruity, tropical and easygoing cocktails. The signature cocktail for this chapter is very unusual and named after her signature phrase: “off with his head!” It embodies the story of a traveler; a spice merchant from the Far East who combined flavours of a tropical mango/curry shrub with floral tones of chamomile infused tequila and the freshness of lime and cardamom to satisfy the queen. Sadly, he was not successful in his efforts to keep his head.

As the story continues, it’s time for tea with everyone’s favourite Mad Hatter. All inspired by the world’s most consumed botanic, the main characters of Bluespoon Bar created 3 fresh, herbal and green cocktails. Head Bartender Martin’s personal favourite is the “Through the Looking Glass”. This is an inked creation based on looking into the mind of the mad hatter, which in their minds is pitch black but garnished colourfully with plenty of contrast.

Every story has an ending. This one is nor happy or sad. It is dark and mysterious. As is the main character of this chapter: the Cheshire Cat. Here, he plunges you into his rich, earthy and spirit-forward cocktails…can you solve the riddles and guess the story of each cocktail? We’re proud to announce that the “Where Everything Grows” – Martin’s entry cocktail into the World Class competition – is key in this chapter.

“Go ahead, drink me.”

As we welcome Alice to Bluespoon, we are ecstatic to enter this dreamy state of mind with our resident Mad Hatters. One more thing: we’ve kept some of your favourites on the menu as Alice’s Classics. After all, where would we be without Naked on Tahiti?


Stay tuned for how this story evolves visually. For now, visit Bluespoon for a taste of our fairytale.