Cocktail & Food pairing at Bluespoon

Wine pairing is so last year, wouldn’t you agree? Sander and Martin dance in perfect harmony yet again to create the perfect cocktail and food pairing. Sander’s perfect plating and mouthwatering use of flavours are being combined with Martin’s unbelievable cocktail craft. Their skill is both beautiful and complex, yet when combined, make absolute simple sense. Welcome to a new kind of dining experience. Available only at our exclusive Chef’s Table, we’d like to introduce to you Cocktails & Food by Bluespoon.

“The only way to describe it in words, is to present to you Martin and Sander’s brain wave.”

Part one: Langoustine, fregola, pumpkin, dill, chicken skin crisps. This dish is paired with a cocktail assembled using dill infused vermouth, candied kumquat, fennel bitter, chicory infused vinegar, and a birch tincture.

Although everything should be about the langoustine, there are quite a few hidden stars in this dish. The dill gives a decadent herb backdrop to the dish while the fregola lays a creamy almost sweet setting for langoustine to shine. It was no question Sander and Martin want this herbiness to further linger in the mouth, hence they choose the vermouth infused with dill. The kumquat with distinctive acidity, and balance of bitter and sweet notes really plays well along the fregola. The fennel and chicory infused bitter and vinegar add another level of flavor to compliment the dish, something that Sander was very keen on.

Part two: Gnocchi, kale, egg yolk, Old Amsterdam, truffle, beurre noisette. Paired with a cocktail made with salty finger infused gin, Tomato consommé, Fernet Branca and thyme tincture, this one is not for the faint hearted.

There are a lot of big and bold flavors in this course. Tart flavours from the egg yolk, saltiness from the sea vegetables, truffle, and matured cheese. It took a quite a while to find a partner for this dish. M&S was trying to play along the ingredients, however it quickly become clear, that the only way forward is to further add a complimentary layer of flavors. The gin is prepared with salty finger (‘Zeekraal‘ – sea vegetable), and mixed with a clear overnight dropping tomato water. To arrive to the grand flavor firework finale, a level of sharp herb and mellow bitterness is added to cut through the bold flavors and prepare your palette to the next course.

Part three: Pigeon breast, pigeon lollipop, cabbage roll, beetroot. This combination of flavours is paired with a cocktail consisting of campari, Cynar, Genever, Mushroom infused vermouth, beetroot/mescal/orange blossom spray.

The daft meatiness of the pigeon prepared rose, the earthy taste of the cabbage and beetroot create an easy job. This is by far the best dish on our menu, so it shouts for a bold classic. Let us present our crazy take on the Negroni. Campari, Artichoke liquor, Genever and a vermouth infused to mushroom to give a helping hand to those cabbage rolls and beetroot discs to keep supporting the pigeon. To take you to the heaven of perfect food and beverage matching, a layer of smoky orange and mescal liquid is sprayed above, to bring the connection to another level.

Part four: Apple and marzipan terrine. The final course of this mind blowing menu is paired with a Christmas inspired cocktail using clove and cinnamon bitter, Pedro Ximenez sherry, cognac, quince syrup.

Tasting this terrine, we felt like Xmas. Layers of perfectly cooked apple dancing in tango with the remarkable flavour of almonds. The question was then – How does one make Christmas sexy and cool? Martin therefore prepared a bitter with all your traditional Christmas spices focusing on clove and cinnamon. The sweetest of sweet sherries then added, to ‘Hulk it up” with some cognac. Sweet, spicy, smoky, did I say sweet already? A quince syrup brings you further in the ‘flavor tunnel’ where you just can’t decide how to categorize this drink.

4 course menu | Available for a maximum of 8 guest | 110 (per person) | Book here