Close the Loop

In true Bluespoon fashion, we’re always looking for new ways to arouse our fans. In continuance of the no waste journey, get a taste of how sustainability and using commonly wasted ingredients doesn’t compromise flavour, but rather elevates it.

Every ending has a start. And in our opinion the weekend starts on Thursdays, so what better time to close the loop. While our resident Mad Hatters are champions in creating an experience for the eyes as well as for your taste buds, they are further exploring ways in which root-to-leaf bar tending becomes the core of everything they do and we’ve created lively & innovative Thursdays at celebrate just that.

The creation of conscious craft cocktails at Bluespoon is something to be celebrated! Every first Thursday of the month is now dedicated to fully closing the loop by choosing one ingredient that is commonly wasted in the Bluespoon Kitchen and using it as the core of a specialty cocktail. What’s more, this ingredient will further be used to create a perfectly paired bite. We will also be partnering with a different spirit brand each month that shares our values, upon which the cocktail will be based. The cocktail in question will be highlighted for the remainder of the month, to continue to use as much of the wasted produce as possible.

“Conscious cocktail creations with our resident Mad Hatters”

We’ve kept the partner of the event launch close to home, in that our first partner is none other than MOÅ vodka. It is the first premium vodka infused with all natural ingredients. A beautifully rich, yet light and refreshing vodka, distilled in the second oldest distillery in The Netherlands. MOA may just be the first vodka you actually enjoy drinking on the rocks. With the kaffir lime, fresh ginger and bergamot infusions, our Martin is inspired to combine these flavours with a wasted ingredient from the Bluespoon kitchen to create a conscious, yet mind-blowingly tasty concoction.

Join us for our very first event on September 6th and see how Head Bartender Martin Eisma and Head Chef Sander Bierenbroodspot dance in perfect harmony to explore the depths of flavour.