Close the Loop July


Who wants to wait until the weekend for beats, drinks and a good time? Thursdays are the new Fridays at Bluespoon so join us for this lively & innovative event!

“wasted fruits from breakfast”

July’s Close the Loop ends the series with a refreshing summery high before our usual summer break! We’ll be working with Sacred Gin, using three of their famed products to bring our latest batch of zero-waste cocktails to life: Amber Vermouth, Orris Root Gin & Cardamom Gin and create our newest batch of zero-waste cocktails maximising the use of wasted summer fruits from Bluespoon breakfast and citrus-waste tonic. What are wasted summer fruits and citrus-waste tonic you ask? Well, following the change dishes served, this month Bar Manager Martin has selected super seasonal wasted ingredients, especially the fruits that never got to the beautiful Bluespoon plates. The signature cocktail this month? A twist on the Vermouth & Tonic paired with bites and funky beats, mingle in late-evening conversation while sipping conscious craft cocktails.

“July’s star of the show: When life gives you lemons”

The signature this month, Martin’s ‘When life gives you lemons’, mixes Sacred Vermouth | Tonic | Summer Fruits garnished with citrus from the Bluespoon Bar & Restaurant. Of course there’s a few more cocktails on the menu to surprise you on the night. This month’s cocktails are paired with a tasty Octopus | Carrot | Coconut & Kaffir Lime | Puffed Rice | Pickled Onion | Avocado Creme bite crafted by the boys a few steps away in Bluespoon restaurant*.

Join us Thursday 4 July from 7PM to celebrate a new menu of closed loop cocktails, paired bites and beats to end the Close the Loop series on a high.

Check out the recap of our previous events in @bluespoonamsterdam’s Instagram highlights! *Cocktails are €12 and the dish is a complimentary addition to enhance the experience of your cocktail.



The no waste journey continues at Bluespoon. While our resident mad hatters are champions in creating an experience for the eyes, as well as for your taste buds, they are further exploring ways in which root-to-leaf bar tending becomes the core of everything they do.

The creation of conscious craft cocktails at Bluespoon is something to be celebrated! Every first Thursday of the month is now dedicated to fully closing the loop by choosing one ingredient that is commonly wasted in the Bluespoon kitchen and using it as the core of a menu of new specialty cocktails. What’s more, this ingredient will further be used to create a perfectly paired small dish.