Let’s stir things up a little

Mad Scientists

Revolutionary Cocktails

At Bluespoon Bar, Bar Manager Aga and Head Bartender Martin, deliver revolutionary craft cocktails in a relaxed lounge atmosphere overlooking Prinsengracht canal. With a mismatch of Marcel Wanders’ iconic furniture, guests can choose to disappear into a dark corner, or join Martin at the bar counter to get close to the action.

How we do it

The method to our madness

From signature, to experience cocktails and classics with a Bluespoon twist, the menu is a marvel in itself. The renewed Bluespoon cocktail menu which takes you on a sustainable no-waste journey that doesn’t compromise on flavour, but rather elevates it. So whether you spend your afternoon with a Bluespoon coffee or signature cocktail in hand at the bar, you can expect genuine & personal service.



“Pick your favourite spirit and let the magic happen”

World Class Competition

Martin’s latest masterpiece

Head bartender Martin has blown our minds yet again, with, in his words, “a cocktail that plays on pretty much all of your senses”. Martin’s latest beauty has even been entered into the Dutch World Class competition. The cocktail encompasses the passing of the seasons; the beauty arising from the earth and this same beauty returning to it when spring and summer are over. Embodying this harmony and contrast inherent in the passing of the seasons, flavours of violet and lavender, contrast with flavours of carrot and beetroot. This mix is balanced with Tanqueray 10 gin and a Talisker tincture for a refreshing finish.