Cocktails on the canals!


Mad Scientists

Revolutionary Cocktails

At Bluespoon Bar, our team deliver revolutionary craft cocktails in a relaxed lounge atmosphere overlooking Prinsengracht canal. With a mismatch of Marcel Wanders’ iconic furniture, guests can choose to disappear into a dark corner, or join our bartenders at the bar counter to get close to the action.

Welcome to Wonderland

Drink me down the rabbit hole

Bluespoon’s latest cocktail menu delves deeper into Wonderland, mirroring Marcel Wanders’ Alice in Wonderland inspired design of the hotel. From refreshing mixes, to fruity concoctions, tea-inspired blends and rich, our resident Mad Hatters promise you a journey down the rabbit hole. Who will you choose to quench your thirst, the White Rabbit or Queen of Hearts?




“Pick your favourite spirit and let the magic happen”